Momentum Venture Management, LLC

Great ideas don't get funded. Great business do.

Following is a list and brief description of our current portfolio.


Graphight is a professional networking platform that allows the user to systematically maintain critical business relationships. With its patent pending "Relationship Economy Engine" (REE) algorithm, it automatically extracts relevant meta data from the user's e-mail, calendar, and cell phone to track their communication activities with a contact. Their initial product is the "killer call sheet" that provides a prioritized list of who the user should contact based on the extracted data and the user's personal goals.


DataPop is an emerging leader in the on-line search marketing ad optimization space. They have created a platform called the "long tail ad machine" which creates massive, high quality targeted search ad campaigns by analyzing and structuring disparate product feeds. DataPop targets on-line advertisers who have large numbers of SKU's.


iChange connects individuals with professionals to help them make successful long-term changes in their lives. The company was built on the concept that individuals who receive personalized counseling achieve much higher success rates that individuals who participate in self-directed programs. The company has launched subscription service for the multi-billion dollar weight loss and nutrition management market.

iChange was acquired by HerbaLife in early 2011.

Phoenix ET

PhoenixET provides large, multi-site organizations with energy management and conservation technology and services that can be deployed quickly while also providing almost immediate payback and very high continuing ROI. Thousands of large organizations typically have different utilities management systems at each facility, with no automated way to aggregate data and analyze energy usage. PhoenixET's gateways compile data from these disparate sources, enabling management to make energy-saving decisions.

Cyber Rain

Cyber-Rain develops technology that uses the power of the Internet and the PC to wirelessly control irrigation systems. Cyber-Rain systems automatically adjust watering schedules based on weather and seasonal conditions, saving between 30-70% on watering costs by stopping sprinkler systems on rainy days, automatically decreasing the watering schedule on cold or humid days, and increasing it on hot and dry days.

Digital Performance, Inc.
Digital Performance, Inc. (DPI)

Digital Performance is an Internet services company with a portfolio of products and services for manufacturers, resellers and enthusiasts involved in the automotive specialty aftermarket industry.


ISAccountable is a Los Angeles-based company that develops and markets appliance-based software and services to improve operational efficiency in companies' IT infrastructure. The company was founded in 2004 by David Kaufman, the former CEO of Desktalk and CTO of HP OpenView.


Sendio is an Enterprise Messaging Security company supporting businesses that depend on the email experience as a key productivity tool for employees and a primary communication link to their customers.


TherMark's patented laser marking process quickly produces permanent, high-contrast, high-resolution marks on a variety of surfaces including metals, ceramics, glass, porcelain, plastics, marble, granite and stone.


nQueue provides software-based information accountability solutions to assist firms to better manage and account for their digital transactions.

nQueue merged into a joint venture with Billback in July 2009 to become nQueueBillback.

Academy 123

Academy123's innovative Listen and ViewTM technology enables its partners to create, manage and deliver rich and expressive multimedia content for any topic, in any language.

Academy123 was sold to Discovery Channel one year after Series A Investment.